12 Sep

Geeze, I hate my life. What a sad-sad statement huh? Having to deal with the day to day struggles of trying to cope with my husbands metal issues are literally weighing heavy on my shoulders. So much so that the depression I am feeling is palpable.  I can see it— I can feel it…. and if I were to try to describe it, it would feel like a thick cheesecake. A thick, heavy, dense depression. *sigh* There is no “get over it”…. this is how things are. He is a paranoid schizophrenic and ALSO Bipolar…. and I have come to find out lately, he is a hypochondriac. Oh yes… this is his latest “thing” When  I bring this up to him, he accuses ME of having munchausen by proxy…. Gawd. What? Are you kidding me…… ?


Oh man….. I need something. A gun? A long walk off of a short pier? I have heard it said that God only gives you as much as you can handle…. but I am pretty sure the person causing all the problems said that— and NOT the person who has to deal with things. I am at a utter loss. There is no hope in sight. ever. I know this, and yet I am always so surprised to find myself suffering through another day of grief. Heaven help me… fast.


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